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Why Become a Sponsor?

We are happy to announce that WIADCA will again be hosting the annual Eat Caribbean Restaurant Week in June to share and celebrate the culinary aspect of our heritage with our communities in New York. In response to the number of requests we received after the successful 2015 event, we have extended the event to include all interested business, social and cultural organizations in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx.

This year’s event is named “Eat Caribbean 2020.” We will profile participants, menus and some of the great chefs in the line-up on our website. A robust round of media coverage, and social media promotions are planned to raise the event profile.

We’ll be delighted to have you on board as a sponsor/partner of the event which will give your products/services increased visibility, and association with a fun, Caribbean culinary experience. Benefits to sponsor/partners include:

 Listing on the event website with a hyperlink to your website

 Profile of your product/service on the event website

 Representation at the launch event – promote your product/service to media present

 Logo included on all restaurant marketing and promotional material – exposure to hordes of eager diners!

 Product/service summary will be included on all media materials

 Facebook /Instagram/Pinterest promotions for your product/service – we can offer a customized promotion for your social media base.

 Footage of your restaurant on the event You-Tube channel

Sponsor Offers:

1. Name sponsor: The entire event will be marketed with your name: “The (Your Brand) Eat Caribbean event” (Exclusive opportunity limited to one sponsor)

2. Co-sponsor

Please fill out the indication of interest form on this page.

Artwork for logos and information must be included. We’d be pleased to answer questions and offer more information at Info@EatCaribbean.NYC. Visit us at: www.EatCaribbean.NYC

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