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The West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) invite you to participate in the 7th annual Caribbean Restaurant Week New York, called EatCaribbean 2020. Patrons will enjoy delicious prix-fixe Caribbean menus or specials at participating restaurants in New York. Promote your culinary skills at Caribbean Heritage Month in June 2020!

Registration Deadline: TBD
Registration cost: Free
For more information, Email Info@EatCaribbean.NYC

EatCaribbean Restaurant Registration - Short Form

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EAT CARIBBEAN 2020 Guidelines:

Here are some tips to help you have a successful Eat Caribbean NY 2020 experience. Suggestions for menu format, updating your staff and using this opportunity to promote your restaurant.

Eat Caribbean Menu Guidelines:

 Always present the Eat Caribbean Week menu with your standard menu or have it visible as a table tent or in a prominent position in your menu folder.

 For dine-in restaurants, consider providing three options for each of three courses, i.e. three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts.

 Take-out restaurants should provide an Eat Caribbean menu of specials.

 If Beverage, tax and gratuities are not included in the price, it should be noted on the menu.

 Your menu will leave an impression on diners, including first time patrons. Menu items should be representative of your restaurant in portion size and quality.

 Consider including a vegetarian option for wider appeal.

 Offer a special, fixed-price, three-course dinner or lunch menu. If you are a take-out restaurant, special offers should be posted next to menu. (moved from staff section)

 Provide phonetic pronunciation for unfamiliar dishes e.g. for callaloo (KAL-A-LOO)

 Provide descriptions of the dish, ingredients, and cooking method to interest patrons.

Inform Staff:

 Ensure your entire staff is familiar with the facts about Eat Caribbean – the duration of the event, the menu prices and the types of dishes on offer.

 Staff should be familiar with the specials, and know if they apply to lunch, dinner or both.

 Explain ingredients, cooking methods of the special dishes to staff. Have them taste the special Eat Caribbean dishes to enable them to relay this information to patrons.


 Expect an unusually high volume of calls for reservations during Eat Caribbean week. Be prepared with days and hours of participation (June 21-27), and pricing.

 Avoid confusion and disappointment, ensure all reservations are informed of any menu exclusion in effect during Eat Caribbean week.

 If you do not accept reservations more than 20-31 days in advance, please adjust your booking window to allow reservations beginning May 20th. This will ensure optimal bookings.

Promoting EAT CARIBBEAN 2020 to your clientele: (to be updated shortly)

Email your Eat Caribbean menu to info@EatCaribbean.NYC by June 5, 2020 for promotion on our website and social media. Include the name of your restaurant in the subject line of the email.

 Put up Eat Caribbean posters and table tents.

 Use your mailing lists to inform your patrons of your participation in CRWNY.

 “Like” Eat Caribbean at CaribbeanNYC. This helps us promote your restaurant.

 Upload photos of your Eat Caribbean menu items to your social media with @EatCaribbeanNYC and #EatCaribbeanNYC

 Spread the word. A dedicated allotment of 4 x6 cards will be delivered to participation restaurants during the week of June 15th. Present these cards with customer checks to promote your participation.

Important Dates to Remember:

June 10th Last day to submit your completed application and menus. This ensures that your restaurant is listed on all media releases ad included in the event publicity. Applications without menus will not be considered.

June TBD 4×6 cards and (what size) posters will be delivered or mailed to you.

June TBA Launch of Eat Caribbean (Venue and Date: To Be Announced)

June 21st – 27th Eat Caribbean New York 2020