New York, NY, USA

Milton Villalona has served many diverse cultural event celebrations throughout the United States including Department for the Aging City of New York events, Brazilian Day in New York and New Jersey, West Indian Day Carnival in New York, 116th Street Festival in New York, Calle 8 Festival in Miami, Florida, Jaripeo Concert Series in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, Dominican Day Parades in New York and New Jersey, Dragon Boat in New York, Korean Harvest Festival in New York and Produces the Festival Internacional Dominicano in New York among many others.

With this vast exposure to diverse culturally rich events from many parts of the world came along the curiosity to explore the culinary specialties of these countries. Milton Villalona began to research the richness of the gastronomic culture with the countries and people he had celebrated throughout his life time career. Milton Villalona decided to compliment his professional achievements while savoring the flavors and colorfulness of the world by learning to cook the succulent foods representing the cultures he admired.

Milton Villalona in the last five years has become a self-made culinary expert and mixologist. His specialty has become a fusion of exotic fruits and vegetables of the Caribbean with succulent seafood. This combination has also compelled Milton to compliment these dishes with fine presentations and drinks to enhance the flavors.


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